Retirement Income Maximization Strategy

Typical results of a RIMS Report™:

  • 30-50% potential increase in net-spendable retirement income above current path projections; and/or
  • Potentially retire 3-5 years earlier than current path projections; and/or
  • Increased longevity of retirement assets by 7-10+ years longer than current path projections

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Taxes are poised to rise sharply. Just ask yourself, "Will the government need less or more money in the future?"

A RIMS Report™ can help insulate your retirement savings against inevitable tax hikes, whether you are already retired or still working toward it.

Asset Location Is More Important Than Asset Allocation

Where do the majority of your retirement assets live?


While usually highly liquid, taxable vehicles (bank accounts, CDs, mutual funds/ETFs, bonds, etc) are taxable with every realized gain. This can severely detriment your long-term accumulation efforts to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Typical retirement accounts (such as 401(k)s and IRAs) procrastinate taxes until the future. Contrary to popular belief, most retirees do not find themselves in a lower tax liability situation upon retirement. These types of accounts generally maximize your taxes over your lifetime. Some financial experts have started referring to them as "tax-maximization" accounts. Many Americans come to realize their silent retirement partner (the IRS) isn't so silent once retirement begins.


Taking advantage of vehicles in the tax-free location can potentially increase your net-spendable retirement income significantly, protect you against inevitable tax increases, and increase the longevity of your retirement assets by many years.


Strategically relocating portions of your taxable and tax-deferred assets to the tax-free location is a critical piece to optimizing your retirement. A RIMS Report™ can help you create multiple streams of tax-free income.

Is the 0% Tax-bracket in Retirement Possible?

With the right Retirement Income Maximization Strategy, we have found that many people can achieve the 0% tax-bracket in retirement.

This does not happen on accident.

It happens on purpose.
It happens by planning for it.
It happens because you take action.

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Two Roads Diverged . . .

Your RIMS Report™ will be tailored and customized to your specific situation. There's nothing cookie cutter about it. Each report will contain analysis of at least two paths.

Current Path

Taking into account your assets and current circumstances, the Current Path analysis creates reasonable projected outcomes that take into account the dangers, opportunities, and strengths of your current situation. Essentially, "If you changed nothing, what does your future likely look like?"

  • Net-spendable retirement income analysis
  • Longevity analysis
  • Market-risk analysis
  • Tax-risk analysis
  • Inflation-risk analysis
  • Catastrophic event risk analysis

RIMS Path™

Using the results of the Current Path as a benchmark, we go to work behind the scenes and create a customized plan to utilize tax-free retirement strategies, then run the projections again and compare.

Typical results of a RIMS Path™ analysis:

  • Creation of 3-4 streams of tax-free retirement income
  • Achieving the 0% tax bracket
  • Increase net-spendable income of 30-50% above the Current Path
  • Increase longevity projections by years to decades above the Current Path
  • Significant decrease in market-risk compared to Current Path
  • Decrease of total tax liability by hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • Increase of projected legacy to heirs by hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars
  • Increase projection from catastrophic events (death, long-term care needs, severe market crashes, etc.)

Optimize Retirement.
Create Tax-free Income.

Whether you are in retirement or still working toward it, a personalized RIMS Report™ can potentially:

  • Reduce your taxes in retirement by hundreds of thousands, achieving the 0% tax bracket for many
  • Increase your total income in retirement by hundreds of thousands
  • Increase longevity of your retirement nest egg by years to decades

Opinions don't matter. Math matters.

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Clear. Concise. Compelling.

Your personalized RIMS Report™ will be straightforward, easy to understand, and compelling with clear action steps. We don't do fluff. Let the math of tax-free retirement planning be your guide.


Tax-efficient Income

Increasing your retirement income has everything to do with cutting out friction (fees) as much as possible. Taxes are the largest fee in retirement planning.


Opportunity & Risk

A RIMS Report™ can show you pathways to potentially decreasing your market, longevity, inflation, and tax risks while increasing your opportunities for a more fulfilling retirement.


Plan, Create, & Execute

The strategies within your RIMS Report™ will show you how to relocate inefficient taxable and tax-deferred assets to tax-free assets with the capability of producing greater income for longer periods and maximizing your legacy.



You've sacrificed to accumulate your retirement nest egg. Let a RIMS Report™ show you how to potentially optimize it with tax-free income for the best retirement possible.

Let’s optimize your retirement.

Axios Capital Strategies focuses on tax-free retirement strategies. We're passionate about it. We excel at it. Let us create a free RIMS Report™ for you and prove it.

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