Our philosophy is simple.

We believe you cannot help someone to higher ground unless you are standing there yourself. We walk the talk. We have implemented the strategies in our own lives that we discuss with clients. We believe in tax-free retirement strategies, in protecting against market losses, and helping to ensure our clients do not outline their money. We believe in predictability above potential. We believe in discipline, dedication, and proper perspective—not luck. Maybe you are like us.

We might ask it this way: How powerful is a pawn?

In the game of chess, the pawns are often considered not valuable and easily expendable. However, the correct answer to that question is that it all depends. A pawn can take out any other piece on the board, checkmate a king, and even become a queen, the most powerful piece in the game. No other piece has that potential. What makes a pawn powerful is the formation of pieces around it and how it is used. In other words, it is the strategy that matters most, not the individual piece.

We find this very similar to financial strategies. So many times, people tend to think they need a different piece, something more powerful than what they already have; most of the time, however, we find that people already have everything they need on the board. What they do need is a different approach or strategy that makes the existing pieces on the board more effective, one that makes the best use of what is already there. Perhaps you have a bunch of poorly positioned pawns that simply need a new formation.

In our view, financial independence comes from habits and strategies. Rates of return, high incomes, the “best” accounts or vehicles are all secondary in importance to the right approach.

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